While big brand names like Hoover and Bissell are probably familiar to you they are not the only respected brands of carpet cleaning solution. There are a number of smaller players out there who have earned themselves some glowing reviews from other members of the general public. Sometimes it pays to search around for a product that might not be a household name but, nevertheless, does a great job at a great price and the Kids ‘n’ Pets brand of cleaners seem to fit that category.

As you may have guessed from their name, Kids n Pets produce cleaning products that target all those accidental stains and odors made by your beloved children and household animals. One of their most popular products is the Kids ‘N’ Pets all purpose stain and odor remover and has received dozens of very positive reviews from customers on Amazon. On Amazon you can buy the solution in different sizes and quantities, so if you try this product and like it you might want to consider buying in bulk and saving some money.

This cleaning solution can be used on upholstery as well as carpets, in fact it can be used on any water safe surface, which is to say anything in your home that won’t be damaged by getting wet. According to reviews this all purpose cleaner will remove stains and odors completely without leaving much in the way of false scents or perfumes. Some people like the perfumed smell that some cleaners leave behind but others really can’t stand it and if you’re one of those then this could be for you. The important thing about removing odors, like pet urine, is that they are removed completely, therefore discouraging your pets from revisiting the spot and having another ‘accident’. This is especially important with young pets who you are trying to house train, for more on this watch their You Tube video below.

Review after review suggest that Kids N Pets cleaning solution totally removes, not only urine odors but also the smells from vomit and spraying.

Another real plus about this cleaner is that it’s non toxic which means it’s safe to use around a house full of children and animals. As we all become more concerned with our environment it’s appealing when we can buy a product that is ethically sound.

So all in all it appears that Kids ‘N’ Pets have produced a real winner, something that is kind and friendly to you and your household but really effective on odors and stubborn stains.