Hoover, as a brand, is synonymous with carpet cleaning. Put simply they are one of the most established electrical carpet cleaning manufacturers in the world. When buying cleaning products from a big name brand you can be confident of buying a decent well tested product.

Let’s take a moment to review their deep cleaning carpet and upholstery detergent. The official product name, which comes in a 128 ounce bottle, is the Hoover 40321128 Deep Cleansing Carpet/Upholstery Detergent and costs roughly $17 to $20. You can buy it now from Amazon.

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This standard all purpose carpet cleaning solution works well in most carpet cleaning machines. Having used it for some time in a Hoover Steam Vac we have found that it works effectively on those areas of carpet that gets most use. This is not a product focused on removing stubborn stains so don’t buy it for that purpose. Hoover produces other products for that purpose.

If you are working on a particularly dirty area you might want to consider letting the solution sit on the carpet after the first cleaning. This will allow the detergent more time to act on the carpets surface and when you go over the area for a second time the result is a deeper clean.
The odor of this solution is very pleasant and after a through clean your carpets will have that great smell that a decent detergent brings. We think the Hoover pet detergent smell even nicer but this product is certainly good enough.

Another plus is that the solution comes fully out of the carpet after using a good rinsing application. Some detergents are guilty of leaving a waxy or sticky residue behind unless you repeat the rinsing stage several times, but that is not the case with this Hoover deep cleaning detergent.

While this carpet cleaning solution is powerful enough to provide a deep clean it is not so toxic that you need worry about damaging you carpets. Again some of the chemicals in other cleaners can be so strong that they actually discolor or stain your carpet. Thankfully that is not the case here.

This carpet solution should be seen as a great all round cleaner. It is not a magic bullet when it comes to all kinds of stains but it will serve you well for general all purpose cleaning. This detergent also comes in a smaller size if you don’t think you will be using it that often.