Welcome to Carpet Cleaning Solution. This website has been set up with the prime objective of gathering together news and reviews about all the major brands and makes of cleaning formulas and solutions for your carpet cleaning machine. You should be aware that regardless of which machine you have purchased, or possibly rented, there is nothing to stop you using any of the cleaning products on the market. The major brands will certainly encourage you to use one of their “approved” cleaning solution and that might well be the best choice for you, but it is not compulsory. You certainly won’t break your machine if you put a Bissell carpet cleaning solution into a Hoover model of carpet steam cleaner.

So now you know that, if you didn’t already, you can start the process of finding the most suitable solution for your needs, your carpets, your rugs and your upholstery. Here at carpetcleaningsolution.org we want to bring you information about every major product available along with customer reviews and prices. Our aim is to give you all the information you could need in one place so that you can make a considered decision and then buy in confidence, either through one of our sponsors or via Amazon.

On this site we will be focusing on products for the US and UK market so apologies if you are reading this elsewhere. However don’t leave yet as we also have an article about how to make your own carpet cleaning solution using basic household products that you can source easily and locally, like ammonia and baking soda. People have been cleaning their carpets long before the big companies came along and started producing specialist products so there’s really no need to splash out for an expensive product unless it’s practical. Do remember though that a diy carpet cleaning solution will probably not be suitable for a steam cleaning machine.

As for ready made carpet cleaner solutions the products available fall into roughly two groups, those made by the big carpet cleaning machine companies like Bissell, Hoover and Vax and those made by other reputable cleaning product companies of which there are many. Finding your way to the right cleaning solution for your needs can be a time consuming task, which we hope to make easier with our product reviews. Another good tip is to read the customer reviews on sites like Amazon UK or Amazon US.

Even when you have chosen the right brand of carpet solution the challenge doesn’t end there. Hoover alone produces over 20 carpet care cleaning products so which is the best carpet cleaning solution for you? Are you looking for an all purpose solution, for general day to day cleaning, or do you require something more specific? There are now plenty of cleaning products that focus on specific jobs like tough to get out stains or pet odors.

Different strengths of cleaner can be purchased if you need an intensive deep cleaning, the kind you would expect from a professional carpet cleaning service. Perhaps with the increase of allergy sufferers today you could do with an anti allergen carpet detergent? What about your upholstery do you need a detergent that works for your furniture as well as your carpets?

When shopping online you will see some great deals if you buy in bulk. Stockpiling five bottles of cleaning solution for your carpets is a good idea if you can find the right price, as you will save time reordering and also save money on postage. However you might want to hold off buying until you are satisfied that you have found the right product and that it works exactly the way you want with satisfactory results each time. Buy carpet cleaning solutions one at a time until you are happy, and then buy in bulk.

When testing any new product please do take the time to study the instructions in detail and start cleaning on a small, out of the way, area in case the product doesn’t work the way you want it to.