No website about carpet cleaning solutions would be complete without reference to one of the giants of carpet cleaning, Bissell. Just as Hoover is synonymous with carpet and household cleaning in the UK so Bissell is in the USA. Anna and Melville Bissell patented their unique carpet sweeper machine way back in 1876 and went into mass production at their factory in Michigan in 1883.Their carpet sweeper was just the beginning and by the 1950’s Bissell produced their first all purpose carpet cleaning solution, so if you like a company with some pedigree you need look no further than Bissell.

With 34 different detergents, spays and solutions the chances are you will find a Bissell product or two that fit your cleaning needs. Many of their products have been designed with the environment in mind and many more are formulated to combat the growing problem of allergies that many of us suffer with. Their cleaning products are not refined to just carpet cleaning either. Upholstery and hard floor cleaning are all well catered for as well. They have a great website which is clear and well presented and which also offers lots of useful cleaning tips.

As mentioned before, some people like scented cleaning solutions and some don’t. If you do then consider taking some of Bissell’s products for a test run. They produce two specifically scented solutions, the Natural Orange formula, that has a hint of …orange, and the Lavender Essence formula that smells of, yes you guessed it, Lavender.
If you do suffer with allergies then take a look at their anti allergen range. As well as anti allergen all purpose cleaners they also have a dust mite spray which, as its water based, is perfect to use on your upholstery, pillows and mattress.

Their range of cleaning products for those with pets is truly impressive. 16 different products are available from a standard and professional cleaning solution for general pet stains and odors to really specific cleaners like the Drool Cleaner, for tackling pet drool and paw smudges!

As mentioned Bissell has worked hard at creating good eco-friendly credentials. Many of their cleaning solutions are approved by the EPA and have been awarded their Design for the Environment certification. Their concentrated formulas also mean you need only have the volume of weaker solutions which saves on packaging and damaging transportation costs. Most of their formulas are also made with biodegradable detergents without harmful chemicals.

If you’ve already bought at Bissell cleaning machine then it makes sense to at least give their carpet cleaning solutions a try. You can buy direct on their website or through Amazon.