Hoover is one of the big players in the carpet cleaning industry and they have an impressive range of carpet cleaning solutions to back them up. This world renown company has been around a long long time, as early as 1908 in fact, so they have a great pedigree.

They understand the industry as well as anyone and have produced over 20 cleaning products to ensure that they have something to offer for any type of carpet cleaning job. In this article we will take a general overview of the products that they currently have available. Each of their products is focused into one of three general categories, general cleaning, stain cleaning and pet odor and stain cleaning. Most of these solutions can be purchased easily from Amazon US.

All purpose carpet detergents.

As you would expect Hoover have a great range of all purpose cleaning solutions for carpets and upholstery. They have a deep cleaning detergent which will work for standard week to week cleaning and is both strong enough and mild enough for any carpet. If you’re looking for a more powerful product for your carpets and upholstery then Hoover also have their Platinum collection of solutions which purportedly have the kind of strength associated with a professional cleaning detergent as used by the professionals. The Hoover SteamVac floor cleaner is one of their most popular models and they have also formulated a specific solution to be used with it. If you suffer from allergies or our sensitive to chemical solutions be sure to have a look at Hoovers anti-allergen cleaning solutions.

After cleaning Hoover also offer a protective spray that basically reinforces the original factory carpet and upholstery protecterent thus helping to stop spillages turning into stains.

Stubborn Stain Solutions.

Don’t expect a general all purpose detergent to suddenly magic away deep down or old stains because that’s not what they’re designed for. Hoover have specfic products to tackle these difficult marks and the chemicals they use are designed to break up specific stains.

Once you have throughly cleaned with your main detergent then use one of these products on any spots or marks left behind. These products come in spray bottles or aerosals and also wipes and again they have their mainstream range and their Platinum Collection.

Carpet Cleaning Solutions for Pet Owners.

Having animals in your house opens up a whole new dimension when it comes to house cleaning. Pets bring all kinds of new odors and stains to the table, so to speak, and the major brands like Hoover have been quick to recognise the importance of producing specfic cleaning solutions to deal with them.

As well as containing chemicals to beak down the specfic stains that pets bring the joy of these products is the way they fight pet odors and leave you home smelling great.

To round up it is worth mention that the clever marketing men at Hoover have produced all in one cleaning kits so you can by a range of their products in one box and be sure of having everything you need to hand.